There he stands in all his glory,

eight feet tall and quite the story.

Not the first, he’s but a copy,

he’s neatly dressed, not too sloppy.

Poised here to greet every group,

his back is straight, he can not stoop.

Looking out, his gaze quite steady,

here in Edson, he’s called Eddie.

Our friends M & P from New Zealand were visiting and we were headed for some time in the mountains. On the way, we stopped in Edson for a bit of a break and to stretch our legs.

Edson is a small town in West Central Alberta. Founded as Heatherwood, the name was changed to Edson in 1911 in honour of Edson Joseph Chamberlain, vice-president of the Grand Trunk Railroad. When Edson was declared the rail center, other nearby towns and villages went into decline. Highway 16 (the Yellowhead) carries so much traffic, it has been declared as the second Trans Canada Highway. Forestry is the main economic driver. The population as of the 2016 census was 8,414. (Source: Wikipedia)

6 thoughts on “Steady Eddie

    1. Thanks It was a fun trip. Retirement is the best promotion I ever worked for. Hard to believe it is almost 5 years in. Thanks for reading and commenting Kelley. Allan


      1. I think it’s wonderful that you’re out there enjoying your retirement. Its much deserved. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog and I love your stories and I’m gonna continue to follow you guys on your wonderful journeys.

        Liked by 1 person

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