5th Bridge – Maligne Canyon – Jasper National Park

Not wanting to walk the whole canyon and then not have a car handy, we opted to drive to the last two bridges. On our last stop here, there was a much more rustic swinging bridge that you could set to swaying. While this new bridge is beautiful, it is nowhere near as much fun.

At this point, the Maligne River is a lot wider and has some definite flow going on.

Details in the river.

Mystical sky

4 thoughts on “5th Bridge – Maligne Canyon – Jasper National Park

  1. It took my husband a good 15 minutes to get me to start across one of the bridges at Drumheller. The bridge scared me and it was windy and all those scary things but I did it! Does it ever worry you to cross one? I would love to attempt a very small swinging bridge just to see if I could make it across 😀

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    1. I know the bridge you are talking about well. I have crossed it several times. On the first time, it was quite bouncy but they have since tied some cables to the sides to minimize the swing. I walked across one in New Zealand that was about 50 meters above the river. It only had enough room for one person at a time and the bridge deck was an open metal grate. Quite exhilarating, except for our one friend who also took some coaxing to cross. Thanks for reading Angie.

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