0-50 in 10 days. Thank you Dear Readers

When my last blog filled up, I had 469 followers and 582 posts. My most successful blog ever. So, it was with mixed emotions that I moved on to my next blog. Would my followers move with me or would it take me another year to build up a readership.

I need not have worried. In truth of my 469 followers, I only had about 30-35 actual readers. Many Like and Comment and others prefer to be anonymous. I appreciated them all, no matter their level of involvement.

Today, after only 10 days and 17 posts, I have 50 followers on my new site, but still only have 25-30 readers, so my fears of failure were largely unfounded.

A huge thank you to all my readers and followers. I am over the moon. I will try to keep you entertained and not let you down.



4 thoughts on “0-50 in 10 days. Thank you Dear Readers

    1. Thanks Wendy. Yes, we were in San Diego in mid May and enjoyed this shot. I was trying to capture the moon and palm trees together, but the palm trees would not move into the right position. Ha Ha. Thanks for reading Wendy. Allan

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