What You Lookin’ at? – Elk (Wapiti) in Jasper town in May

What You Lookin’ At?

You come right up close in your metal skin,

your round rubber feet looking so clumsy.

You must think we can all be taken in,

that we elk think your body is rumsey.

But we don’t care to pose for all your pix,

so move along quickly and let us graze.

We really think that you are all such dicks,

so leave and take your exhausting haze.

4 thoughts on “What You Lookin’ at? – Elk (Wapiti) in Jasper town in May

      1. It’s fun doing that. I write articles about chickens for a local gardening magazine. For something different, I wrote one about a day in the life of a chicken, from the chicken’s perspective 😀 My number one fan (mum) loved it 💙 And it was fun to write 😀

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  1. Writing from the point of the animal is great, because nobody can say that you got it wrong, unless they have a talking animal. But, that is another story. Our Canada Day this year is a washout with rain, but we are still enjoying it (sitting at home, reading and sipping a good home made latte). Cheers Wendy. Allan


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