Wildlife – Jasper National Park

You seldom go through Jasper National Park without seeing some of the big wildlife. This trip we saw Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and Elk (Wapiti), no Black or Grizzly Bears and no Moose, but, you can’t have it all. We were amazed how much more bird life there was around on this trip than there was in April..

Obviously, the water birds will not return until the ice melts and many of the song birds are likely waiting for the weather to warm up. That being said, we found April much warmer than May, so perhaps they should check their Google Weather or Farmer’s Almanac next time.

We saw loons (no, not us), pileated woodpeckers, Common Goldeneyes, several types of Mergansers, ducks, geese, robins, chickadees, sparrows and swallows. We heard the Grey Jay and Blue Jay calls, as well as the chest beating of the ruffed grouse (drummer partridge), but they all stayed hidden from view.

It truly was a pleasure to be fortunate enough to observe so much wildlife just doing their thing. Jasper, we will be back soon.

7 thoughts on “Wildlife – Jasper National Park

  1. Are Whiskey Jacks the same as Gray Jays? And are Gray Jays the same as Canada Jays? I know a few birds have mutiple names…
    It’s interesting to me that everything has its own season. The landscape is constantly changing and every being seems to get it’s own turn.

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    1. Great questionLael. They are known as Canada Jays, Gray Jays, Grey Jays, Whiskey Jacks, Lumber Jacks, Venison Hawks and Camp Robbers. I think that last name is a bit harsh. The Whiskey Jack name is based on First Nations cultural lore Whisakejak, a mythical benevolent figure. Thanks for chiming in. Enjoying the rainy Canada Day? Allan

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    1. I think the mountain parks on both sides of the border would be fairly similar. We have a few more animals in the rest of the country as there is less human pressure on animal habitats. I have always found Jasper to have a lot of visible wildlife. Thanks for reading.


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