The Road Home from Jasper – May

I opened this draft post this morning, expecting to see a fully fleshed post ready to go. It was but a blank canvas, with a title and a featured Image. What had I been intending to say? It was as if I had left it blank, waiting for just the right inspiration to come along.

Recent events have been rolling around in my mind, causing worry, regret, angst, anxiety and the full gamut of emotions. As I looked again at these photos, taken in early May, the answer came to me in a flash. A bit snowy, but a flash, nonetheless. Each of us has our own path to follow. What we choose to do on that path is up to us, but if we selfishly think our path is the only right path, we may end up following it alone. I think the path is more interesting when you have company. But, what do I know??????????????????????????????????????????

My Way or the Highway

My way or the highway, a man once said to me.

I chose the highway, because it could set me free.

Like a long pathway, life is filled with twists and turns.

Without following that road, no one ever learns

the meaning of life and all those who are in it.

You can play outside or mope inside and just sit.

Life is too short to worry about wind and snow,

to find our way, we just need to get up and go.

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