Up, Up & Away – San Diego Trip – May 2019

I am not sure why, but I have always wanted to visit the city of San Diego. It may have had something to do with once having an Aunt and Uncle who lived in the area. It may have had something to do with this area reputedly having the most perfect year-round climate. Or, it may have had something to do with just getting away from it all.

Our only trip here to date was in September 1980, when our tour to Los Angeles included a side visit to San Juan Capistrano and Seaworld San Diego. That is all we saw on our day trip and despite our efforts, we never made it back until now. It helped that Air Canada had recently established flights here via Vancouver and that we had sufficient Aeroplan points to get there.

And so it was that we found ourselves headed for EIA, on the Park ‘n Fly shuttle bus. Our return flight did not get in until after 1 AM and we could not ask our neighbours to shuttle us, could we?

Our routine, when travelling out of EIA in the afternoon is always the same, drop bags, clear security and walk the length of the departures area to see what is new…..

That over, we head for the one remaining Chilis in Edmonton for a bevvie and a yummy salad meal. After that, we grabbed some goodies for our flight (Cookies by George), as there is limited in flight service on our route. Before we know it, we are loaded on the plane and awaiting our departure.

We push back right on time and are soon roaring down the runway and we are up, up and away……..

The sky was a bit cloudy, but there were a few breaks from time to time.

Here, we are high above the Rockies between Alberta and BC.

At least, we were on the correct side of the plane this time, as we came in for a landing at YVR, Vancouver.

We exited our large A320 and then hiked what seemed to be the length of the airport from Domestic to International terminal to await the second part of our flight. Here, a passer by took pity on two old people trying to take a selfie and snapped our photo.

Our plane from Vancouver to San Diego was a CRJ900, a much smaller plane with 2 x 2 seating. Note the spacious seats and our “window” seat.

No matter, we at least had in flight entertainment and more legroom than we would have had on Rouge. We were again airborne and got a good look at Vancouver on the way out.

Cloudy skies and approaching darkness subdued our scenery, but we managed to spot Mount Rainier, before it all went dark. Oops that sounded a bit ominous, but, it really wasn’t.

4 thoughts on “Up, Up & Away – San Diego Trip – May 2019

  1. Thanks for taking us along on this trip Allan. We’ve been to San Diego once. Will be nice to see it again – even if it’s just through your eyes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ann. No worries. Passengers are always welcome. Just wait for the posts on my 40 k back country hike toward Mount Assiniboine. No “real” passengers on this trip. I will be carrying a 33 pound pack. Thanks for reading. Allan


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