Path-et-ic – Clifford E. Lee Sanctuary

At the time of this visit I was shortly to embark on a backcountry hiking adventure near Banff, Alberta. A three day hike, 44 km (27.5 mile) out and back hike with an elevation gain/loss of 726 m (2,500 feet). Couple this with carrying a 36 pound pack and sleeping 3 nights in a tent and it should be quite the adventure. We are hoping for no snow, rain or smoke, but that may be just wishful thinking.

This little hike was to be my test with the pack (only 22 pounds at this point). It went fairly well, until I stooped down to get a photo and realized I was not so spry getting back up. Wish me luck and stay tuned. There will be hike posts (not from the back county—-bears don’t need wi-fi in the woods).


There I stood, a huge pack strapped to my back,

trying out my knees and testing my back.

I cinched up the straps with one final pull,

feeling the weight at just three quarters full.

I moved slowly along wide wooden planks

back holding up, I silently gave thanks.

On the level, some uphill and then down,

hesitant at first, then going to town.

Short walk soon over with no ill effect.

more weight and distance, could make me a wreck.

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