San Diego – the Headquarters – May 2019

Built in 1939, this building is listed in the National Register of historic Places. It served as the San Diego Police Headquarters from 1939 to 1987, when the flag was lowered for the last time. The 104,000 square foot building cost $410,000 to build. At that time, the average salary of a police man was $120/month.

The building brought all police operations under one roof with administration, courts, jails, law library, crime lab, exercise areas, vehicle maintenance, and even a pistol range.

In 2008, a shopping center developer entered into a 40 year lease with the Port of San Diego to turn the building into a vibrant shopping center near Seaport Center, including shops, restaurants and entertainment.


We were here for lunch at Puesto, as we craved good Mexican cuisine. The restaurant decor is fabulous, the service and food are good, but not as good as places we found later. Nonetheless, We enjoyed our lunch.

Part of the old Police Headquarters, including the holding cells has been preserved as a museum. These pix are of the time period.

This was the accommodation.

and this guy definitely has the criminal look

2 thoughts on “San Diego – the Headquarters – May 2019

  1. I love that big wall mural! But yeah, the guy in that mugshot looks pretty dodgy – I’d keep an eye on him!! LOL 😉


  2. I know, right? Lucky I got out of the country when I did. Can you believe the crimes listed for poor Rita, weedhead…tramp. These days, that would be a human rights lawsuit, I think. Thabnks for reading Wendy


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