California Cruisin’

If you’ve been to California or even if you have not, you have likely heard of the California Custom car culture. The warm climate lends itself to lavishing time and money on making your ride look the best. We saw some good examples during our week in San Diego. I am not sure our rental Kia Soul qualifies, but, hey, why not. If only we could have got it in a brighter colour.

California Cruisin’

Hey you over there, look at me here,

all shiny and bright as I draw near.

Out on the street in my pride and joy,

everyone’s staring, boy oh boy.

Classics, low riders, cars of all kind,

prettier autos, you’ll never find.

Hear my sweet exhaust, feel the ground quake,

Don’t roll your eyes or give head a shake.

You didn’t see me? I feel your pain!

Don’t worry bro, I’ll drive by again.

Parked on the street or just plain cruisin’,

My custom pastime keeps amusin’.

In Gaslamp District
In Little Italy. You would think you were in Cuba when you see this classic. When I was growing up, we had one of these.
Our Kia Soul rental steed. Comfy ride.
Not sure this would fit in my luggage for the trip home.
Show and Shine along the Embarcadero. Tough to keep them shining when the rain is falling.
Driving by Cafe Coyote in Old Town. Note that the driver is checking to make sure everyone is looking. We were. But, he drove by again, just to be sure.

2 thoughts on “California Cruisin’

  1. Please turn your poem into a rap. You would totally go BIG, I just know it!
    I love car culture. But as I get older I find us humans rather hilarious when we behave this way. So cringey! We used to own a Barracuda and while we never cruised on repeat, we sure did like the looks we got,lol

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  2. I am not a big fan of the rap or hip hop genre, but I do find some of my poems have that kind of rhythm, so you could be right. As to the Hey, Look at Me 2nd passes, I tend to not give them a glance with their flash, noise and paint, so it could be my fault. I play hard to get. The Barracuda was such a neat car. It might have gone further if they had not kept calling it the Plymouth Valiant Barracuda for so long. Valiant was a family car. Nobody wants their sports car to have a family car marque. Thanks for reading and commenting, Lael.


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