Bus-ted – Travel Woes at Mission San Diego Alcala

We took the Green Line trolley up to the Mission San Diego stop and walked about 10 minutes to get to Mission San Diego Alcala. As we approached the mission, we saw a tour bus making a sharp right turn up the entrance ramp. Unfortunately, it was too sharp and the bus got hung up with the back chassis sitting on the street and the drive wheels spinning helplessly in the gutter.

The incident complicated the funeral that was being held at the mission that day and certainly put a damper on the tour group’s travel.


Turning the corner

we all felt such a big bump.

Stuck in place. Bus-ted!

4 thoughts on “Bus-ted – Travel Woes at Mission San Diego Alcala

  1. Nobody hurt. Just their tour time taken from them. I was on foot, so no impact to me. Funny thing is, the staff at the mission said that buses do not come up the hill. They drop their passengers at the path on the street. I think this may have been this bus driver’s first and last day on the job. Thanks for reading. Allan


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