Hills and Valleys

Wildfire smoke having now dissipated,

we ventured outdoors to walk at long last.

Leafy Patricia Ravine awaited

down by the muddy river, flowing fast.

Into the valley, we soon descended,

past fragrant Caraganas’ gold flowers.

Long wooden staircases never ended,

climbing back up would take all our power.

Along gravel paths we slowly wandered,

marveling at so many shades of green.

We hoped our red blood would not be squandered,

dodging more mosquitoes than we’d e’er seen.

We slowed on the bridge where cool breezes blew,

watching watercraft as they bounced along.

Steep paths awaited where tall grasses grew,

sheltering more biters all in a throng.

Atop high banks, we relished a fine sight,

with valley and river spread out below.

We knew our return trip would be a fight,

to climb the hill steps would bring on a glow.

2 thoughts on “Patricia Ravine Walk – June 2/19

  1. Darn. And here I was hoping I had captured my first Edmonton monkey shot, or was that in our Legislature Building? That critter sure pulled the wool over my eyes. Thanks for reading Wendy. Hope all is well with you. Allan


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