La Jolla Cove Marine Wildlife – California – May 2019

Wild Life

Come young buoys and gulls, gather all round,

to talk sea life that does here abound

along brown cliffs at La Jolla Cove,

a real marine wildlife treasure trove.

With cormorant and brown pelican

white guano’s rich perfumed smell, you can

be pardoned for feeling surrounded

by birds, while blue ocean waves pound at

rocky outcrops filled with sea lions

and slippery wet seals all tryin’

to roll ashore saving tired flippers

beside sidewalks filled with day trippers.

Pelican armadas sail the sky

looking clumsy as landing they try,

while squawking sea gulls with yellow beak

past leaves and spring blossoms coyly peak.

Reaching far breakwater rock shelf we

watch crazies taking wave washed selfies.

A beautiful day spent with my wife

enjoying La Jolla Cove wildlife.

4 thoughts on “La Jolla Cove Marine Wildlife – California – May 2019

  1. I just love sea gulls. They get a bad rap but they are beautiful.
    It must have been a lot of fun to be surrounded by all those creatures. Did you take a million photos or has experience taught you how to be selective?

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  2. I like gulls better than crows. At least gulls calls make you think of the ocean. Crows caws make me think of all the poor robins who are no longer here thanks to these egg eaters. It was fabulous to be surrounded by so much bird life. My only other experiences that compare are both from New Zealand (an Albatross colony and a gannet colony). I do take a lot of photos, but, I know the shot I am trying to get. Sometimes, my reflexes, eyesight or the camera let me down. The landing and flying shots are the toughest. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan


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