Schubert Snow in May

A weekend interlude to catch up with my other posts of a more local nature.

Before we headed off to San Diego for a week, we feared we would miss the peak blossom season on our Schubert Chokecherry for the third year in a row. Not to worry. We managed to be here as the blooms developed and filled our yard with sweet blossom scent and the sound of buzzing bees. We may not have Jacarandas and Bougainvilleas to grace our landscapes, but it really is spectacular to think how many blooming trees we have in the area in the spring. This one, planted on our 15th anniversary, twenty six and a half years ago has become our favourite.

We knew the blossoms were only one good wind or rain away from becoming petal snow and as I walked back into the house, I could see it already beginning.

What is your favourite spring blossom?

4 thoughts on “Schubert Snow in May

  1. Thank you. I am with you on the cherry blossoms. Alas, we do not have cherry trees in this climate and I seem to always miss them in Vancouver. My dream is to be in Japan during cherry blossom season, sometime. Thanks for reading. Allan


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