Out catching appointments, we found ourselves stranded between a late breakfast and an early lunch. We opted for the late breakfast and as the appointment was at the Kaye Clinic, there was no better place to catch it, than the high Level Diner.

We used to eat here every couple of weeks when our sons were going to U of A, but it had been a long time since we were here.

Parking is available on the street outside, but hard to come by once things get busy. There is a lot to the South that you can park in if you register your license plate in the lobby. We found the last spot and headed inside.

Service was friendly and efficient and we were soon chowing down on the breakfast special (bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast with coffee. It was good to be back in the land of good coffee. We still had a bit of room and time, so ordered a fresh cinnamon bun with caramel sauce to share. OMG, it was delightfully sugary and sweet and sticky and………… Needless to say, it was soon demolished and I took my wife to her appointment.

Classic Breakfast
Cinnamon Bun and caramel sauce

Too cheap to pay for parking at the clinic, I headed for the old Keillor Road area and parked. I managed enough time to get outside and snap a few pix of the river valley and lilacs, before she texted to say she was ready.

North Saskatchewan River and parkland
Whitemud Equine Center and North Saskatchewan River

Sorry about the photo quality. I only had my Cell with me.

4 thoughts on “Edmonton Classics

  1. It is the stuff of legends. There is another restaurant in this same block, called the Sugar Bowl and they do their version of the cinnamon bun as well. We used to alternate between tho two places when our kids were in University. My favourite is still the one from the High Level Diner. Thanks for reading. Allan


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