Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve – California – May 2019

We had stopped here yesterday afternoon around 2:30, but many of the trails were closed due to the morning rains. The fee for a car was $15, so we declined and moved on to La Jolla.

Today, the trails were open and the fee was up to $20 for the car. Go figure. We paid and drove on up to the Torrey Pines Visitor Center parking lot, popping inside for a map and trail recommendations. We were greeted by a large black beetle on the front steps. Outside the center, we had a photo op with some very large Torrey Pine needles. Apparently these needles are used for various arts and crafts.

We opted to take the Beach Trail, which was a 3/4 mile long trail with more than 100 stair steps that led to the beach. What we did not know until later was that this trail also branched off to Yucca Point and Razor Point. So, by the time we got back to the parking lot, we had walked about 3.3 miles. It was beautiful as the following photos will show.

On the hike to the Beach. I walked down the stairs to the beach and even though I stayed on the steps (you will see me in the last slide show photo), a wave managed to soak me to the knees. Yay.

During the hike to Yucca point, my pants and hiking boots dried nicely.

My selfies are getting better.

While on the hike to Razor Point, we met some locals who were on a STAY-cation. They were as selfie challenged as we were, so we exchanged photo ops. There was some definite restoration work going on at the beach to the North.

The walk back to the parking lot.

The only wildlife we saw on this day were a few lizards and some birds, including brown pelicans and spotted towhees.

The vegetation and flowers on the other hand were unusual (for us) and spectacular. The cacti were just coming into bloom and we couldn’t believe the size of the seed pods on the yuccas.

All in all, a very successful hike. We started to head for the Guy Fleming Trail, but there were hills and we were not as motivated. We had places to go and headed back to the car instead.

6 thoughts on “Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve – California – May 2019

    1. It is an old folks problem. Young folks snap away with wild abandon and it is all good. Us old folks cut off parts or all of our heads and have weird expressions on our faces, too much neck, too much scalp. I am getting better, but still far from perfect. Cheers and thanks for reading. Allan


  1. Waves are sneaky buggers. The first time I went to Maui, I was caught by a good soaker, One minute I was walking along the shore, the next I was in water up to my waist! Nothing like the ones on our West Coast, yikes!

    The scenery is so striking. Very different from our shores.

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  2. I am a rogue wave magnet. I have been soaked in California, Hawaii, New Zealand and Nice. This one was especially nice, as I was doing a video clip when it hit. You can tell the moment of impact. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan


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