Levain Attempt #5

A weekend break from our San Diego trip. San Diego posts will return on Monday. This post was written in early June.

Why, oh why did I find it necessary to reactivate my Levain “Mother” and bake bread in a 230 C oven on a day where temperatures were predicted to reach 32 C?

Apparently I needn’t have worried. As my 5 day feed progressed, smoke from the Northern forest fires moved in until day became as night and high temperatures only got to 18 C. Either way, I was up at the crack of dawn (before 5 AM, these days). I had changed up my routine and prepped my loaves the night before, so they had 8 hours to rise in the pan overnight. They got popped into the oven while I attempted to form a couple of baguettes and roll out my pizza crusts.

The jury is still out on my baguette skills, but the rest turned out pretty well. The 5 day Levain feed resulted in (2) 1.8 kilo brown loaves, (1) 1.2 kilo brown and (1) 1.2 kilo white loaf, (2) baguettes and two cookie sheet sized pizza crusts plus 3 500 gm tubs of Mother (1 for my next feed and 2 to give away). And all of this was baked before 8:30 without a noticeable increase in inside temp.

Hopefully, my next feed will occur in a similar cool spell, without the smoke).

Have any of you out there also tried baking Levain (sourdough) bread) from a Mother (starter) you have grown?


12 thoughts on “Levain Attempt #5

  1. I made sourdough bread years ago from a starter. It was very good! Now a days I just make yeast breads. I love making bread and the aroma fills the kitchen with! I can’t remember the last time I bought a loaf of bread at the store!

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  2. I must admit that I waited 4 years to start making Levain bread. I got the book as a gift from my son when I retired and though this s way to complicated. But, there is something appealing about bread which only has 3 ingredients. I used to make yeast breads, but have not in a while. Still make biscuits, scones and the like if I want something quicker. Like you, we seldom buy bread. Thanks for reading. Allan


  3. I used to make bread years ago and even though sometimes it didn’t turn out to be any good I enjoyed the process of making something from the scratch but over the years just kind of got lazy and opted to pick one up at the local supermarket. Yours looks very much like something I would love to sample, thanks for sharing and inspiring 😀

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  4. It is a process and I only bake once a month. Well worth the effort. The bread is indeed very tasty and the pizza crusts are to die for. Also, I have learned to make Levain pancakes, which are light and fluffy. Thanks for reading and commenting.



    1. Well worth the effort, if you can find someone who has some spare “Mother” to share. You need 500 grams for a 5 day feed which will yield what I made on this bake. I can certainly share info on the feed and bake process if you need. It is fabulous bread and makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches you will ever taste. We had some for lunch today. Thanks for reading Angie. Allan

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      1. I definitely need to read up on it because I’ve never heard of it and I know nothing about the ‘mother’ or what it’s feeding 😉 It looks amazing though and I would love to step away from so many yeast breads 🙂

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  5. Here is the book I use, although I do take a few liberties with the process. The Levain ferment gets more powerful every time I do a new feed, so I have not tried any of the yeast recipes since.


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