City Bike Ride – Edmonton – June

We lived in the city until we moved to the small town of Beaumont, just South of Edmonton, in 1991. We always enjoyed riding the Edmonton river valley bike trails and wished we could do so again. Beaumont has bicycle paths and trails, but, it is just not the same.

Our problem was how to easily get our bikes into Edmonton. Beaumont Transit operates peak hour buses into South Edmonton, but they do not permit bike transport, as they operate at highway speeds on the Henday. Too bad.

I had an older “strap on” bicycle carrier for a previous car, but had not used it in years, until I dug it out for our Fathers’ Day ride with L & A. As the cars were still set up from that ride, we decided to do a city bike ride the following day.

The Kinsmen Park parking lot was all torn up and we had to bounce and jounce our way completely around the back of the building to get to our usual hike parking space.

Bikes off-loaded, we set off on our route and promptly hit a very steep hill near the High Level Bridge. One fall and a bit of uphill pushing made us think this was not such an auspicious start. Lessons learned, we continued on to Emily Murphy Park…

…across the Groat Road Bridge …

and up MacKinnon Ravine, until I had had enough of the uphill climb.

Retracing our route, we paused at the bend in the river for the feature shot and the boating activity on the river…

…then rode on down River Valley Road to the new Walterdale Bridge …

…where we discovered that the trail to the East of the bridge was again open.

Yay! It took us all the way to Louise McKinney Park, where we ran into the LRT Bridge construction and were forced to turn around.

Not wishing to end our ride yet, we crossed the Low Level Bridge…

…where we hit another closed trail….

….before retracing our route to the Walterdale and our parked car.

All in all, a good ride of 10 miles (16 km).

12 thoughts on “City Bike Ride – Edmonton – June

  1. It is. We just need more options to either get our bikes there or rent in the city. E-bikes are getting to be the best option if you want to cover a lot of ground. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


    1. I recall the days of flights from City Center airport. 27-31 flights to Calgary each day. Working downtown, I would hear the 737s roar outside my office window. Now, visitors and workers can more easily get down to the river valley with the new funicular. The cyclists, runners and walkers really make good use of it. Thanks for reading and commenting Lynette. Allan

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    1. Thank you. Hope you enjoy your Labour Day ride. We may be doing Edmonton again, when our son comes for a visit from Vancouver. He handles the cycle infrastructure design there, so am sure he will critique ours. Thanks for reading. Allan


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