Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery – Point Loma, San Diego – May 2019

As we drove into the Cabrillo National Monument, it was hard to ignore row upon row of headstones, marking the graves of so many fallen veterans in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on both sides of the road. We learned later that burial in this cemetery is also available free of charge to all qualified veterans, their spouses and dependents. Originally named Bennington National Cemetery, it was renamed in 1934 after William Starke Rosecrans, a Union general in the American Civil War. All available space for casketed remains in this 77.5 acre cemetery was filled in the late 1960s, but cremated remains are still accepted. There are 101,079 graves here. Many of the interments date to the early days of the California Republic, including the battle of San Pasqual.

From our vantage point by the Visitor Center, the cemetery was hard to ignore and on our way out, we did stop into the facility to pay our respects. The sheer size of the cemetery and number of headstones was quite humbling. Rest in Peace.

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