Café Gratitude, Little Italy, San Diego – May 2019

Looking to escape the same old, same old hotel breakfast, we opted to give this place a try on a Saturday morning. We had passed it before, as we walked up and down Kettner, but never paid much attention to it. It therefore came as a total surprise that it was a plant based (Vegan) restaurant.

No worries, as we were not unfamiliar with good Vegan food. We got there early and had to wait for the 8 AM opening time. Patty had the Avocado Toast and I had the granola with fauxgurt. We both ordered the lattes and as no dairy products served and due to Pat’s allergy to almonds, had the coconut milk with it. The whole thing was slightly sweet and we needed to floss after drinking the coffee. Aside from that, the experience was good with good food and service. Be aware, prices are on the high side ($45 U.S./$61 CAD).

As we exited, we compared notes with a local couple who picked our brain on where to travel in Canada. We picked their brains on where to get a good fish meal in San Diego and they also mentioned that there was a Saturday market on just up the street. Always great to chat with fellow travelers/diners.

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