Hiking through Banker’s Hill (close to major transportation routes) – San Diego – May 2019

One place we could not reach by trolley was Balboa Park. Our breakfast friends assured us that the neighbourhoods between Little Italy and Balboa Park were beautiful and quite safe to walk through. They were right.

Bankers Hill, also known as Park West is a long established uptown neighbourhood near Balboa Park. It is bounded to the North by Hillcrest (Upas Street), to the South by downtown (Date Street), to the East by Balboa Park and to the West by Little Italy, the I-5 and the Midtown neighbourhood. It got the name Banker’s Hill due to its reputation as home to the affluent. (SOURCE:Wikipedia).

While the hike was uphill, the morning was not yet too hot and the Jacaranda trees were spectacular. Every so often, an inbound jet would roar overhead on final approach to the airport. I am sure you would soon get used to it if you lived here. We had similar situation in the area where our hotel was situated.

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