Little Italy – San Diego – May 2019

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we wondered what all the Little Italy fuss was about. Walking down Kettner Blvd. was nice, but it did not seem very, well, Italian. Then one day, we took a walk down India Street. Ahhhhhhhhhh, now we get it.

Little Italy is a neighbourhood located at the Northwest end of downtown. It is North of Columbia, South of Middletown, Southeast of Core and West of Cortez Hill. India Street runs right through the middle of it.

From the 19th century through the 1970s, the people from Italy were involved in building the boats that founded the American tuna fishing fleet and canning industry based in San Diego, making it the tuna capitol of the U.S.A.

Following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, other families moved to live in the Little Italy fishing colony from the Italian Riviera and Sicily. Many of them built their houses just up the hill from the bay and some of these homes still exist today and others await restoration.


It was a vibrant area, full of restaurants, bars and shops. In the evening, it was full of life as everyone gathered in cafes, bars, squares and streets to meet friends. Once we discovered our error, we walked down India every chance we got and soaked it all in.

The fountain on W Date.

Civico 1845 and Plaza Basilone

The view from and the pedestrian plaza on W Date.

Some of the buildings in Little Italy

Some of the original homes restored.

Street scenes

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