Coronado Island Ferry (Flagship Cruises and Events) – San Diego – May 2019

Flagship Cruises and Events runs a ferry service to the Coronado Island Ferry Terminal. One route is from Broadway Pier and the other is from the Convention Center. The ferries are free to commuters and $5 one way $10 return for all others. They sail every hour on the hour from Broadway and every hour on the half hour on the return leg. The crossing takes 15 minutes and gives you a new look at San Diego.

We were almost to the point of thinking we would not have time to fit this in. Sunday dawned grey and cloudy with the promise of morning showers and afternoon sun. By the time we set off, the showers were pretty steady and we knew we would get wet. But, hey, we had umbrellas and rain coats.

The “tiny” ferry arrived at the Broadway Pier and disgorged what seemed like an endless supply of passengers. At one point, we looked around to see if there was some way the people getting off were getting back on. Apparently, 220 passengers were arriving from a fund raising run. There were only about 15 people on board for the return trip. Again, since we had rain gear, we chose to ride the upper open deck for the full water experience.

Here are the shots from our ride over to Coronado

Here are shots from a much sunnier return trip.

And, here are some shots of the ferry.

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