Heading Home – San Diego International Airport – San Diego – May 2019

Given the number of jets that flew low over the area near our hotel, we certainly did not have a long taxi ride to the airport. We had a much more talkative cabbie than on our ride in and at one point, he asked our opinion of #45. We said as little as possible, but we could tell where his opinions lay. He dropped us off and wished us safe travels. We had certainly found most San Diegans helpful and friendly. We had chosen our travel destination well.

San Diego Airport first opened in 1928 and at one time was named Lindbergh Field. It sits on 663 acres of land just 3 miles from downtown San Diego. The most recent renovation and expansion was completed in 2018 and the whole place looks modern and new. The airport handles 24,238,300 passengers a year and is the busiest single runway airport in the U.S. and the 3rd busiest in the world. Due to the steep approach angle, its location near the downtown towers and close to the nearby Peninsular Ranges, it is known as the busiest, most difficult single runway airport in the world. Now you tell us.

(SOURCE: Wikipedia)

For some unknown reason, we had achieved TSA pre check status and were able to go through a special security line where we did not have to take anything out of our cases. We were through in no time and looking for our gate.

We had not seen much of the airport when we arrived at 11:15 PM a week earlier, so took the time to stroll about, grab some snacks for the flight and a hopefully good cup of coffee. Patty went to Starbucks and I went to Peets.

The plane was late arriving and subsequently late in departing. Ultimately, it shortened our connection time in Vancouver from 1 hour 40 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes, but we need not have worried. On arrival at YVR, all connecting passengers were ushered into shorter automated Customs/Immigration lines, through the border security and onto a waiting bus for a ride through the airport underbelly from International to Domestic Gates. Total elapsed time after deplaning until we were in our new boarding lounge – 17 minutes. Wow, no wonder YVR has been voted the best airport in North America.

After a short wait, we were on the plane for Edmonton, off the ground early and landed in Edmonton about 20 minutes early. A good thing, when your landing time was supposed to be 1:09 AM. Shuttle to the car, drive home and in bed by 2:00 AM.

Due to most of the flight being in darkness (not to mention the dirty windows) there are not many in flight photos.

Thanks for joining me on our tour of San Diego.

In San Diego Airport

On the Ramp and Runway

In the air.

13 thoughts on “Heading Home – San Diego International Airport – San Diego – May 2019

  1. Agreed. They did a fine job with the renovation. I love cloud photos. Unfortunately, once we got up a little higher, it was all clouds. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


  2. We simply said he was an interesting President until we saw which side the cabbie was on. The conversation was lively from that point on. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan


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