Portulaca Grandiflora – Moss Rose

Portulaca Grandiflora is a succulent plant native to Brazil, southern Argentina and Uruguay. It is also seen in Asia and cities with old 18th and 19th century architecture in the Balkans. Common names include Rose Moss, Ten O’clock, Mexican Rose, Moss Rose, Vietnam Rose, Sun Rose, Rock Rose and Moss Rose Purslane. (Source: Wikipedia)

I managed to get to the greenhouse on time this year and grab enough of these beauties to make my flower boxes a bright spot of colour on sunny days.

They are so colourful, I could not resists a quick blog on them. And while I am at it, I can not forget the electric blue of the Blue Lobellias.

Moss Rose’s colours

make my flower boxes glow.

Portulacas rule!

Later on on the season

8 thoughts on “Portulaca Grandiflora – Moss Rose

  1. Thanks Lynette. I am going to miss these flowers in the Edmonton winter, but will be planting them again next spring. They keep blooming as long as you dead head them regularly. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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