This seems way too easy – Howard Douglas Lake to the Hill from Hell – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 5

Backs rested from pack weight. Some water purified for the trail and future cooking, we set off along a mostly level track. Lifting the packs back onto our backs did not seem too bad……………..yet.

The trail had a few minor ups and downs, some streams to ford, some rocks and roots to trip over and at times, we were walking in trench trails (foot traffic kills the vegetation and then creates a place where water can run more easily, thus wearing trenches in the ground). The day, the company and the scenery were spectacular.

Hiking is tiring work and on a warm day, your exertion leads to a lot of sweating and water loss. It was important to stop every hour or so to shed the packs and/or hydrate. Both L and I had Platypus water bladders in our packs with long drinking tubes, so we could drink as we hiked. But, getting the packs off, even briefly was a blessing. Finding some well placed rocks, we took our break.

By this point, we were asking ourselves why we were not at our night’s campsite yet. Was it because we had added 1.5 k by going up to the meadows, were we just outta shape, had we read the map wrong or all of the above. We paused for the view. The going was fairly easy, even if it was a bit slow.

We should have known better……………………..

8 thoughts on “This seems way too easy – Howard Douglas Lake to the Hill from Hell – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 5

  1. Not sure why you are calling us wusses, but that is fine, as it is your opinion. As a 65 year-old, I feel this was a major accomplishment in my life and not having broken bones, etc shows that for an old guy, I have a fair bit of skill in maintaining balance, not to mention stamina in completing the distance and altitude gain without major problems. I have never played rugby and I can only admire those who do for their ability to survive the hits and keep on running. I did fall of a bicycle in Nice once and smashed my face and teeth on the pavement requiring an ambulance ride to a hospital. I was back on the streets that night, walking under my own power and enjoying the sights with my bandaged face, so my balance has improved with age. Cheers.


  2. Not a wuss — nor do they come across as complaining. Just stating how it was. That’s my take. Now hurry with the next posts so we can find out what was up — map reading, wrong trail or something else!! I’m enjoying your mountain trip. I want to do the west coast trail – my blog will read likes yours!!

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  3. I swear, time changes on the trail. It’s not how we experience it normally. It’s the strangest thing. One minute you’re flying along and then the next it’s like it stands still or goes in reverse!
    Thank you SO much for taking us along with you. I think you’re all amazing! Those packs are hurting MY shoulders,lol

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    1. You get it. Time does stand still when you are not distracted by a hundred things. The shoulders were fine for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day, the waist band slipped and I ended up carrying it all on my chest, wondering why I could not catch my breath. Figured it out on day 4. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan


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