All the Comforts of Home – Porcupine Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 7

On arrival, we threw our packs off, dug out more comfortable shoes and set about making camp. The shoes I chose were soft mesh water shoes, which I should have taken as a premonition. More on this later.

Our hope every night was to get our tents and flies set up before any precipitation would hit. This we easily accomplished…

Shelter achieved, we then set about hydrating (sweating during strenuous hiking takes a toll on your electrolytes), then coffee or hot chocolate and finally supper prep. At the moment we started heating water to hydrate our dried food packs, the rain showers started. This would turn out to be a disturbing trend during our hike.

It was also, at this point that I realized I should have taken my socks off before putting on my water shoes. Wet socks and feet in hiking boots are never a good thing. Oh well, I had more socks.

Showers were on and off during our evening and my feet got progressively more squishy from trips to get cooking water, trips to store food, trips to the wee hoosie out back, etc.

Our campground surprised us all. It had all the modern conveniences.

A full kitchen and dining area…

complete with custom childproof cabinets
A bathroom, with walls and a door…this door did not lock from the inside but who cares. We had expected a bench with a bucket, surrounded by half height walls. This was luxury, only if you remembered to bring your toilet paper, as none was provided on site.

A comfy space for entertaining, with a roaring (intermittently) fire to keep warm and drive the mosquitoes away. This was an unusual addition for a back country campground. You could only have fires inside the burning appliance and chopping trees down was strongly discouraged.

A great view from the front room.

At the fire, we met a pair of hikers, one from Belgium and the other from Saskatchewan, who horrified us by saying they never treated their lake water when on the trail in the Rockies. We questioned the wisdom of this and they said Giardia symptoms only manifest after 7 days and they would be off the trail before then. Still, not a good reason to get Giardia.

Us old folk turned in early (9 ish) and the young folk stayed up a bit longer to tend the fire and chat. I made my last? trip to the wee hoosie and crawled inside the rain speckled tent to hopefully sleep.

a good tent fly keeps the moisture outside
and hopefully, the warmth inside

It rained 5 times that night…..hard pounding rains….and I woke up during each rain. Sleep is over-rated. And you have not lived until you hike to the wee hooise in the dark, with squishy water shoes and socks on, dodging puddles (almost) with your bear spray in one hand. Did I mention that your tent partner seldom stays asleep during tent exiting and entering procedures. Opening and closing 3 long zippers can not be done quietly.

Morning could not come soon enough.

8 thoughts on “All the Comforts of Home – Porcupine Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 7

  1. Even though I’m sure it was not very comfortable in wet squishy water shoes Allan – I had to giggle at the vision of you trudging through the forest in the night to go to the out house. But what memories you are making !!! Definitely ones to tell when you are warm and comfortable at home

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh what a night! I’m squishy and cold just imaging it!

    I’ve decided to bring a funnel and just pee in a bottle in my tent the next time I backpack. Those dark walks to take care of business are nerve wracking!

    That site was absolutely luxurious. Wow. Did you have to reserve it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All tents should come with funnels and hoses. LOL. Site was great with a fair number of tent pads. No reservations required. First come first served. The only campsite that had a fire pit too. Cheers. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL Yes, hoses too! A whole system that removes the pee to a bottle outside! Brilliant! We’ll make millions with our design 😉

        Oh wow. I’d do that hike just for the camp site, ha!

        Liked by 1 person

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