Morning has Broken, Everything is Soakin’ – Porcupine Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 8

Did I mention that sleep was optional last night? When I finally decided that laying down in the warm sleeping bag was not serving any useful purpose, I pulled on my clothes, including dry socks and crawled outside back through the wet tent fly.

It was a beautiful morning, not raining, but very wet from rain and dew.

Misty mountain morning

Time for coffee and breakfast. Stove and food grabbed from bear bins, water was soon heating, drying the soaked wood surfaces nearby. I had on my rain pants and jacket, so sitting down on wet wood was not an issue.

L and I opted to have a double shot of Starbucks instant along with our Qia and peanut butter. It was not gourmet, but was also not unpleasant and did not leave us too full.

Breakfast done, dishes washed, sort of, we were ready to strike camp and load up for the next section of our hike. Putting stuff back into the pack was a bit more difficult, as tent, fly and ground sheet were all wet. We kept rain pants and jacket on and secured our rain proof cover over the packs. It was not raining, but the trees and bushes were still soaked. We shrugged on our packs and felt the 40 wet soggy pounds settle down onto our hips and shoulders. We were all packed up and ready to go by 09:05. Pretty slow time for a back country hike. We could and would do better.

The open trail beckoned.

4 thoughts on “Morning has Broken, Everything is Soakin’ – Porcupine Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 8

    1. For sure. I have always liked these sleeves from Starbucks, especially when you are headed to stay overnight at a non coffee drinker’s house. They were great on this trip, especially the double shot. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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