I’ll have the Rocky Road – Porcupine Campground to Og Lake Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 9

Chatting with fellow campers the night before, we had been told that the trail from Porcupine to Og Lake was fairly easy, but there were some rocky parts.

Couple this with a story my friend’s son M told us about how when he was 8, he specifically recalls being told that there would be ice cream at the end of the hike. When they got to the turn around point, he was not happy to find that not only was there no ice cream but, that they still had to hike back the way they came to get to the car. Friend M recalls it differently, saying they would go for ice cream once they got back from their hike.

Join the two together and you can see where my title came from. We kept looking for ice cream, but, just found rocks.

When we reached the trail sign this morning, we realized we had mixed up our long and short hike days. The first day was the long hike and today was the short hike, only about 9 k.

We were also told that just a short 5 k from Og Lake was the Assiniboine Lodge and that if we got there at 4 PM, they had a Happy Hour with $7.50 beers. We felt this was doable….at the time….before we hit the trail.

We knew we would have about 100+ m to climb up out of the campground until we hit the trail to Og. It turned out to be 140 m or about 459 feet. Much as we hated the downhill yesterday, the uphill was fairly strenuous. We warmed up in a hurry, stripping off rain pants and jackets, rolling up sleeves and taking off hats.

Rests were frequent and …

…the rocky parts started pretty early on. Rocks on the trail, rocks by the trail, rocks everywhere.

We heard a lot of birds, Pikas, gophers and squirrel, but did not see much wildlife. There was a deer in the brush that I could not get a photo of and this cute hare, munching away.

What’s up Doc?

There were mountain tarns, mountain views and steep uphill and downhill trail sections.

This green moss formation reminds me a bit of a Dream Catcher

We took a break part way up, where son L decided to do a bit of rock climbing for the view.

100 feet further up the trail, we hit the trail marker where the paths joined. Only 5.5 k. to Og We could almost taste that beer.

And the uphill climb went on some more. We took another break at the top.

Setting off again, the rocks continued and the uphills and the downhills. The day was cooler, so the hike was not unpleasant.

Alpine valley
snow on the mountain tops was still quite deep
Not a comfy seat

We passed alpine meadows, scree slopes, rough worn peaks and finally caught our first view of Og Lake and 3,618m (11,870 foot) Mount Assiniboine, often known as the Matterhorn of the Rockies.

Avalanche scree slope
Og Lake – still so far away
Mount Assinibloine
Last steps down to Og Lake

We also noted that clouds were building at the end of the valley. It was almost 1:30 and nearing lunch. We knew that cooking meals would bring rain.

7 thoughts on “I’ll have the Rocky Road – Porcupine Campground to Og Lake Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 9

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. Your comments were in my SPAM folder for some reason. Thanks for your comments. I imagine you miss the mountains, like we miss the sea. Our two favourite places. The alpine meadow is a thing of beauty, no doubt. Yes, I think as children, we have all misinterpreted what we hear from our parents. It makes a good tale, though, does it not. Thanks for reading. I love your art and will have to stop by when I am next in your area. Cheers. Allan

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      1. Thanks Allan. Dorian has made me tardy with my reply to your comments 😉 Alpine meadows are so magical. I remember hiking in the mountains and crossing bridges on a cliff face over flowing water and feeling the fresh mist on my face. I will have to make it west again soon for a visit. Let me know when you are back in the area 😉

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