….and Good Gardening to You!

Our friend M from New Zealand has this saying she interjects into conversations and good byes from time to time. I think she heard it on a local gardening show, but do not quote me. In any case, her repetition of this over the past number of years seems to finally be having an effect on my garden. This could be a banner year.

  • proper soil prep and fertilization
  • early seed planting
  • on time bedding plant purchase and planting
  • bird netting over the lettuce, kale carrots and beets
  • timely weeding and watering

It was to the last point, that one recent visitor asked us “Don’t you have any weeds out here?” I guess that is the highest measure of success I could hope for. Now, all I have to do is keep it up for another 2 1/2 months.

Now that we are almost into fall, it is time for a gardening report:

  • lettuce – great results with fresh butter lettuce and then Romaine available for almost 7 weeks. Netting definitely helped to keep the birds out.
  • kale – the plants were the narrow leaf style and while they grew, there was never enough. Our fur grand babies got to enjoy more kale than we did. By the time the kale should have been growing well, all the leaves were being eaten by the pests that thrived in the cool rainy summer weather.
  • carrots – better than last year, but still not great. Taste and quantity is great, but size leaves a bit to be desired.
  • beetroots – lots of beetroots, but small in size. A lot of work for little results.
  • tomatoes – good production early on and ripe fruit since mid July. With all the rain, the size is smaller and they are not ripening rapidly enough to avoid the coming frosts.
  • cilantro – a bust as it was hidden behind a wall of tomatoes

How did your garden do?

……….and Good Gardening to You.

15 thoughts on “….and Good Gardening to You!

  1. pretty good green thumb Allan. We haven’t planted much of a garden for a few years now. Being right beside the shed – there just never seemed to be enough sunlight for anything to grow in abundance. Having said that – the tomatoes always seem to do well. This year we planted 3 beef steaks and 3 cherry. We got a bumper crop of both. As I do cook a lot with tomatoes – I have been canning the big ones and freezing the little ones. We should have enough to last us for a couple of years for sure. And of course – the ever full bowl of tomatoes on the kitchen table – we have them pretty well at every meal.

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  2. Oh I forgot – we also have strawberries and raspberries. Unfortunately the existing raspberry bushes stayed on the neighbors side of the fence – so we had to buy new ones. We had some good eating for a few weeks – but certainly not enough to made jam (as I have done every year for about 30 years). It broke my heart to see all the raspberries next door end up on the ground (they are not gardeners)

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    1. Too bad about the raspberries. My neighbour’s raspberries came through my fence one year and we had a few good pickings. The birds play havoc with berries here, so I do not bother. Allan


      1. Nope. This was not the kind of neighbour you talked to. He was a Grinch and has since moved (thank Goodness). The raspberry plants have died under the watch of the new owner. Just glad I got one chance at them. Cheers.


  3. We had the opposite year here — too much sun and not enough rain. Being on a trickle tank means we water as we can but not like we wish we could.
    Decent year for carrots, beets, peas and beans. Corn won’t amount to much and the verdict is out on the 50+ hills of potatoes. Two weeks ago one hill netted us 2 😒 spuds. Raspberries were not prolific like usual but I have an abundance of saskatoons to make up for it. I am rethinking the big garden and may do some fertilizer, mulching and maybe even landscape fabric next year. The weeds won even though I had more time to pour at picking them.

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    1. Hi Bernie. I was thinking I would be watering all year, based on the May weather, but, not to worry. I only had to water about 3 times and all of that with rain water from my barrels. No watering since mid July and I just drained my rain barrels for the season and all 3 were still full. Those darn weeds. I used to hate them when I lived in Winnipeg as a kid. Announcements that I was bored led to weeding, but sometimes, Mom just drafted me and I went out begrudgingly to weed. Thanks for reading. Allan


  4. Isn’t great when the garden does well!? We had an fairly good garden this year too. The carrots did good for the first time. Our lettuce always does great. Peppers are doing very well and I planted leeks this year which have also done great! Our onions didn’t grow which is sad because we love onions! Had a rough year with the tomatoes but we got them from a new place so we will be going back to our trusty greenhouse next year! One of my four cucumber plants made it and it’s doing great. I’ve never had luck with the cucumbers before so I was pretty excited haha
    I love hearing how everyone’s gardens are doing, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Awesome reply and results Angie. Glad your garden mostly worked out. I am busy snipping off green tomatoes to give away. Frost will hit and they are not really ripening any further anyway. So, yesterday, in the process of snipping yesterday, I also sniped the end of my finger. Hmmmmmm. Off to the medi clinic. Enjoy your Sunday, Angie. Allan

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      1. Much better thanks. Not enough damage for a stitch, but gotta keep it clean and fee of infection. Serves me right as I always made a joke about the worker who cut his fingers off and then was short handed. Thanks for reading Angie. Allan

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  5. WOW!
    Your garden is so neat and tidy. I love it! It feels calm and peaceful. Have you ever had a bird caught in the netting? I’m thinking about it for the peas. I’m actually thinking about covering the whole garden in that white row cover stuff, ha ha because I’m so tired of the bugs.

    My beets are small too.
    My peas did well. Lots of tomatoes, I’ve even had a few ripen on the vine, which is shocking. We’ve got some sort of bug infestation though…borers? I think they’re called? Kale is crazy but the cabbage worms are equally as crazy-did you know wasps eat cabbage worms? Thank you kind wasps!- Cabbage was great until the slugs/worms. Oh! Jalapeños! My plants are puny and weird looking but they are really producing! Zucchini is OK. Nothing like in past years. I can totally keep up with it. Weird.
    I have a few cucumbers that I’d forgotten about. Hope the slugs didn’t eat them…
    Good Gardening to you too!

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    1. I have been gardening here for 28 years and this year’s version was pretty tidy. The first year I used bird netting (1995) a sparrow got its foot trapped in the net and my kids and I were horrified. That was the last time I used it until this year. I got so tired of the damn sparrows eating my lettuce. This time, I used a product from Home Hardware. Black netting with #/4 x 3/4 inch openings. No bird got trapped this time and it worked quite well, until the plants grew up and touched the net and the sparrows all alit for a feeding frenzy. Cabbage butterflies could squeeze in and out from time to time, so when they came out, my lettuce and kale leaves started to develop holes. Very few wasps this year, not hot and dry enough for them, I expect. All I have left in the garden now is tomatoes that will not ripen. Good gardening to you. Allan

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