No Beer, but at least we have ice for our drinks – Og Lake Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 10

I know what you are thinking. That we jammed out on the great beer adventure. Arriving in Og just about 1:30, we had to set up camp and hopefully dry out some tarps, flies and other equipment. We needed to have lunch and then shed about half our pack weight before marching on a further 5 k right into the oncoming storm. We estimated finishing lunch by 2:30 and a good 2 hour hike would put us at Assiniboine Lodge around 4:30 at the earliest. Happy Hour beers were cut off at 5:00. Even the slightest delay meant we would have a 10 kilometer walk for nothing and all we would get was tired and wet. The spirit was not willing and the flesh was too weak.

Its drying time again.
No shortage of water here at Og

After setting up the tents, The prep was the same, get water, purify or boil water, make lunch, do dishes. The weather was also the same. Just as we sat down at table to make the meal, the rain started.

We quickly wrapped up and headed to our tents, as the storm intensified, with thunder and lightning all around us. Just as we reached the tent, the hail descended on us. Stones the size of pinky nails gave us a good Shiatsu massage. We ran over to the campground sign that had a metal awning, which the hail beat a fine tattoo on. Once the hail let up, we headed to our tents for an hour of enforced nap time. The lightning and thunder got closer until it was right overhead and then began to move off down the valley. Sure glad, we were not on the beer trail at that point.

The storm stopped shortly after 5 PM and we crawled out into the freshly washed world. I had learned my lesson yesterday….no water shoes for me. I had on hikers and rain gear, until I was sure we could stay dry.

the calm after the storm
Tightening up the tent
Og reflections
Almost like it never happened
but it did

We managed to squeeze supper in without further showers and then took a walk towards Assiniboine. On return, it was time for a bit of R & R.

The bear pole. If there is no space in the bear bins, you have to hoist your food up out of the bear’s reach.

A friendly game of cards (Golf) before turning in.

We played a few hands of cards and planned to be packed up and on the trail by 8:00 AM. In bed by 9:00, we listened to the happy birds singing goodnight and managed to get a better sleep than the night before. Only a small shower passed by over night.

19 thoughts on “No Beer, but at least we have ice for our drinks – Og Lake Campground – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 10

    1. Yup. She wanted me to get the full back country experience. This spot was especially dangerous in thunderstorms, as standing hikers were taller than the bushes. One thunder clap rolled around our valley for over a minute. As to the beer, I am thinking not having beer was a good thing. After all, we were in a tent without a funnel and hose……………. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hee Hee. It would have been a long night without those conveniences!

        Holy! A minute of thunder clap! I would have run screaming off into the rocks or something. Yeah, storms are that much scarier when YOU are the lighting rod.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Or a night filled with 3 zipper exits and entrances.
        We were laying down in the tent during the thunder clap, hoping not to be struck dead. We were keeping a low profile, so to speak. During one point in the hail storm, we sheltered under a metal roof over the map. The noise was deafening. Allan

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    1. Thanks. That means a lot coming from you guys. I love your posts as well and the photos that go with them. If you ever get a chance to hike this trail, I would recommend it. For my first serious back country hike, we picked a winner. Enjoy your day. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The ad used to be I’d walk a mile for a Camel. Obviously, we were not addicted enough to walk 10 k for an expensive beer. No regrets. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


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