Taking a Peek at the Peak – Og Lake Campground Evening Walk – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 11

Not wishing to waste a fine evening, L and I opted to take a hike towards Mount Assiniboine, hoping to catch a clear glimpse of the peak. The tents were little spots of colour in an otherwise very green environment.

The blue skies were spreading and sunshine was hitting the peaks. This is what we had been hoping for.

We glanced back towards Og Lake, shining bright below us.

The rock formations along the trail were quite varied, from rocky ledges with huge caverns to snow covered peaks and Zebra striped walls of black and beige.

We followed our hiking pattern from the past two days, insisting that the perfect view would be just around the corner (more Lies We Told Ourselves), as we kept plodding on for about 2 k. Assiniboine was obscured by clouds, but the peak next door was fully visible. Its glacier saddle must have been at 100 feet thick or more.

Turning around,we paused for a Father/Son selfie and later, a shadow shot.

Time was creeping on and it was time to get back to camp. The views in that direction were incredible, almost looking like they had been Photo Shopped.

Back at Og, Assiniboine popped out. Why had we just walked 4 k to not see it?

The campground shone in the early evening sunshine. Had the rain and hail storm really happened?

7 thoughts on “Taking a Peek at the Peak – Og Lake Campground Evening Walk – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 11

    1. Hey Bernie. Cloud or no cloud, it was a good walk with my son. I forgive the cloud, it would make what was to come even more rewarding. Thanks for your kind words and for reading. Allan


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