A Bit Squishy and a Steep River – Evening Walk – Howard Douglas Lake – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 17

As we sat under the trees, waiting out the rain, we began planning our exit strategy for the last day of our hike. We again settled on an 08:00 start and wandered out to look at our exit trail.

The area around the campsite is fairly low and the path runs along the lake shore, so it was indeed a bit squishy. Surveying the path, we noted we would have a bit of a climb out. Save that for another day.

No water shoes for us. The ground was definitely saturated.
Hope things dry out by tomorrow

Our plan firmed up, we wandered back to the little stream where we got our water. M asked us if we had seen what happened downstream and we must admit we had not. Turns out that this little stream was very pretty and fell over a series of little waterfalls, before dropping off the edge of a cliff. It is what our son L had referred to in his youth as a steep river.

As we wandered back to camp to check on our things, we noticed the sparkling drops on the evergreens. It may not have been dry, but it was pretty.

Gold card game and Good night.

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