Back in Civilization? – Sunshine Village – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 20

As we entered the boundaries of Sunshine Village Ski Resort, we passed a large group of trainee guides, getting their summer instruction. They were blocking the path, so as we had done for the past 3+ days, we moved over onto the edge to pass them. In unison, they reminded us to “Stay on the Trails”. Yup, we were back in civilization.

Nice to be near the bottom of the lifts.
Relief is clearly written on our faces.
The village, a greasy burger and beer beckoned, but, alas…..

….we had arrived just before 10:00 AM and Trappers Pub would not open for another hour. We wandered the site our packs weighing us down ever more as we climbed upstairs and down seeking sustenance. Maybe, we should break out our remaining dehydrated foods and set up the stoves for one last meal out of a bag. Just in time, we found the breakfast/lunch restaurant and settled in for some real food. Foods will be in a separate post.

Breakfast over, we shrugged on our packs and headed for the gondola and our easy ride down the hill.
We paused before loading, looking back up the hill and mulling over what we had just experienced.
As we entered the gondola car, the rain started and we were thankful we were not still on the trail
At the bottom terminus, the pace of the rain picked up and we waited it out under a shelter.
At a lull in the rain, M sprinted for his vehicle and drove it up to us, so we could stay drier. Thank, M.

9 thoughts on “Back in Civilization? – Sunshine Village – Back Country Hike – July 2019 – Part 20

  1. As I sat here reading this and staring into the pictures, I couldn’t help but think how incredibly surreal it would have felt to be stepping back into this reality after being so far removed from it. It would have quite an experience 🙂

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    1. For a while, we felt like aliens in a strange land. It was a good thing that our reintroduction to “society” was in a ski resort restaurant. Not sure how we would have been perceived in a posh place. There was a certain sadness when it was all over….but there was still a beer to look forward too. Thanks for following along, Angie. Allan

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      1. Oooooh YEAH! My glutinous side is happy for you all!
        My appetite has jumped tremendously since I started walking so many miles. I ate half a pound of ground chicken the other night. I don’t know whether to feel shame or pride.

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      2. Outdoor exercise increases appetite for sure. Key is to match exercise with food quantity. The boil in the bag veggie food was low ft, at least. I managed to loose about 6 pounds on the hike. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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