Meanwhile!! – While you were Back Country Hiking – July 2019 – Part 21

I think I mentioned earlier that our better halves were not accompanying us on this trek. Who can blame them? They were going to wander Sunshine Meadows for a while and then go back down to the comforts of an RV in a nearby serviced campground. They would have real beds, real food, wine, chocolate and other creature comforts. Their transportation would be by car and shuttle. Still, they seemed a bit jealous of our adventure.

I doubt we were on our own for more than 5 or 10 minutes, when I piped up, “How much do you wanna bet that they will act the same as if they had just left their baby with a baby sitter for the first time? This may sound sexist of me, but, it was in fact true. But, I did bring it up first, so if this was a contest to outlast, I lose.

Back down in the campground, there were real showers, real toilets and other creature comforts. They hiked, they ate inside out of the rain, they visited with other campers and they even went to a few shops and restaurants.

They had just as good a time as we did, without carrying their belongings around on the back. We were happy for them….especially during the hail storm.

Full disclosure. Although these pix bear my watermark, I did not in fact take them. They were taken by the Meanwhile contributors. Thanks Ladies.

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile!! – While you were Back Country Hiking – July 2019 – Part 21

  1. *snort! Something tells me you weren’t truly happy for them,lol
    But now you can hold it over their heads about how brave and rugged you guys were while they were living the luxurious life 😛 I’d milk that for a bit if I were you!

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