Summer Yard – a Series of Fortunate Events

Winter is seldom a surprise when you head out in the back yard. It will be cold, there will be snow, it will be white, there will be no leaves and the sun will not be shining down from high overhead.

Summer, on the other hand gives you surprises, each time you pop out of the house. The one thing that will be the same, is that there will be sparrows.

Sparrows harmlessly enjoying the bird bath…

Something is always in bloom, this time, it is the Mock Orange. Huge beautiful white flowers, smelling of citrus. Every time I go back to the back border, I have to tell myself to stop looking around for the oranges.

Blue jays may be around. We are happy for that, as they tend to keep the crows away. #$@%^&* Crows. I wish I knew which one was the 4:30 AM crow alarm. I would definitely give him a piece of my mind, if I could stay awake.

They say “Its bark is worse than its bite.” Who are they? I don’t know. Somebody who is the owner of a huge dog and therefore its friend. The dogs behind my place, I would not trust. When they hear me out in the yard, they snarl and come running, hurling themselves against my fence. I think I heard their owner call one of them, Cujo. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, below is the beautiful bark on my Amur Cherry tree. Summer or winter, this go;den bark is always beautiful and everyone knows tress can’t bite, although there was that time I bumped my head into a low branch, drawing blood…………..

And there is the ever changing garden. Butter crunch lettuce, Romaine and kale all in the eating stage. Carrots, beets, tomatoes and cilantro waiting in the wings. Back to the sparrows. Did you know they like to eat any growing garden plant with a new green leaf, lettuce, kale, beet tops, peas, etc. I outsmarted the freaking sparrows this year and put a net over everything but the tomatoes. Everything was going perfectly until the beets grew taller than the net. I looked down from the deck one day and saw the little freakers feasting away on my beet tops. I hastily Google Merlin Falcon calls on my laptop and as soon as that played, they scattered on the winds. Then I modified the net to make it taller than the beet tops. Take that, you …………..SPARROWS.

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