Flora (flowers, etc) – Back Country Hiking – July 2019 – Part 25

Driving by a mountain, you could be forgiven if you think there is nothing but trees up there. You would be wrong, but you could be forgiven. Being the middle of July, the meadows and trails were ablaze with a burst of colour from all manor of flower and plant.Getting closeup shots of the each bloom is not that easy with a 40 pound pack on your back. You can bend over, but sometimes, you can not get back up. There was also that one incident when I announced to our group “look how pretty this flower is”, dropped my hiking poles and nearly ended the short life of an adjacent pretty flower. They never let me live this down.

There are two many flowers to name, so I will categorize by colour.


Red, pink orange or some variant thereof.

Blue, purple or some variant thereof

White flowers and other foliage.

Weird stuff, including orange lichen on rock and white lichen that deer and caribou like to munch on.


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