Fauna (small cute and large scary animals) – Back Country Hiking – July 2019 – Part 26

As with flowers, there is a lot of wildlife up on the mountain trails. The deer were most elusive. We saw two sneaking through the trees up on the mountain, but they did not stick around long enough for photos. These two shots were taken up at Sunshine Village (look close at the first one—yes deer do go poop in the woods).

Mountain goats, up along the Hill from Hell

Mountain sheep on our way out of the ski area

Squirrels of every sort and degree of cuteness.

Mountain Pikas with that ear splitting call along the path, but so cute. This one posed for me like a pro.

All along the trail, we saw plenty of bear sign – dig sites, wallows and scat, but no bears….that is until our last day and only when we were very close to the Sunshine Village Resort. Right in front of us (100+ meters away, thank goodness) three grizzlies warily crossed the trail.

10 thoughts on “Fauna (small cute and large scary animals) – Back Country Hiking – July 2019 – Part 26

    1. Agreed. Also good that we saw them as we were leaving. There were no foxes, wolves or coyotes to be seen. Funny, as there were rabbits around. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


    1. Thanks. The pika was easy. It was like he was posing there. In Wexford right now, hoping for a break in the Iish weather. Having a great time, nonetheless. Hope all is well with you. Allan


  1. Nice pictures, especially of the grizzly bears!! The hump on their shoulders is so distinct. I always have mixed feelings around whether I want to see a grizzly bear while hiking. Before and after a hike, I think seeing a bear (from a super safe distance of course) would be pretty cool, but during the hike itself, not so much.

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    1. Thanks. I think we would have been feeling a little nervous if we had seen the bears on our first day, or if it had been berry season. The late snow delayed berry season by 2 weeks, giving us safer passage. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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