Lord, Give Me a Sign – Back Country Hiking – July 2019 – Part 27

Even though it seemed at times that we were wandering in the wilderness, somewhere up ahead, there was usually a sign telling us how far we had not yet come and how far we still had to go. These signs were usually at trail junctions, to help alleviate any fear you may have that you are going the wrong way. That being said, for the first two days, anyway, our group had an uncanny knack of stopping for a break, about 100 feet short of such a sign. It was as if our GPS was just slightly off.

These were the campground signs, proclaiming the rules and other such stuff. We were particularly glad for the sign at Og Lake, where the four of us huddled under the sloping metal roof to get out of the hail storm

This one was very important.

Signs along the trails, talking about seasonal restrictions and showing the area boundaries.

Sign at Citadel Pass Summit, before and after the start of the Hill from Hell
Our hike took us over the Continental Divide fairly close to Sunshine Village. Watersheds run to two different oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) from here.

Pretty distance and direction signs for mass tourist consumption at Sunshine Village.

The sign on the tree says (No Stopping Avalanche runout zone. So why did construction crews place their lane control stop light right here?

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