Bounty inside a Plain Brown Wrapper – Bountiful Indoor Farmers’ Market

We had seen this new south side market on the evening news and we were convinced to visit after our son went there. Where is there, you ask? In an former warehouse building at 3696-97 Street in South Edmonton. There is plenty of parking on the site and in an adjacent lot across 98 Street. The market runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 5 PM.

Looking at the outside of the building (feature photo), we did not think there would be much inside. We were wrong. Immediately inside the West entrance and to the right was Ace Coffee Roasters. We needed no further invitation to go grab a couple of flat whites to hold while we strolled the market. In addition to the usual fruit and veggies, there are butchers and bakers (we did not see any candlestick makers), craft booths, art booths, ready-to-eat food booths, craft brewery and winery booths (free samples) and even a booth where the sell flour ground on their stone wheel. Oh, they also have a booth selling Kettle Corn. We had been looking for this all over the city.

If you live in Edmonton and have not been yet, I recommend that you check this place out. I know we will be back.

6 thoughts on “Bounty inside a Plain Brown Wrapper – Bountiful Indoor Farmers’ Market

    1. The Strathcona Farmers’ Market is still one of the best, but the Bountiful Market runs 3 days and is easier to get to from where we live. I am with you. I love markets. They say a lot about the local area. Allan

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