Snow Wonder – July

As I may have mentioned, I have a series of blooming trees and bushes in the yard. One of them finishes blooming and the other bursts forth. Currently, it is the turn of the Mock Orange bushes. The scent of orange drifts on the air as they flower and when the petals fall, it looks like early snow. The Mock Oranges are just about done, but my Japanese Lilac is next. It will be so boring around here once all the blooms have gone. Now, f only the rain would stop and the sun would come out, summer would be in full swing.

Snow Wonder

Branches adorned with big cream blooms,

smell of fresh orange wafts on wind.

Lawn anointed with pink mushrooms

follows grey rain skies with no end.

Green grass steeps land in soggy squish,

muddy prints in black earth blunder.

Ivory petals flit and swish,

coating ground in white snow wonder.

4 thoughts on “Snow Wonder – July

  1. I always blog in somewhat real time and I get confused with your current blog that must be from June as that’s usually when mock orange bloom. I’m all about fall colours right now so it seems weird to think about summer!

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    1. Sorry about that Bernie. Blogging in real time is not always possible for me depending on what I have been up to. Also, if I am away from home, I tend not to advertise it. You never know who reads and what they might do with the info. I should have put a month in the caption to clarify. Still, summer flowers, can make a bright spot in some dreary seasons. Thanks for your thoughts. Allan


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