Scene Around Edmonton – August

Out for a walk with our niece, we opted to walk down from Edmonton downtown through the Legislature grounds, across the new 5th street bridge to a lunch at the High Level Diner and then back across the High Level Bridge. Although it was a grey day, there was still a lot to see.

Fountain light in Capital Plaza
Alberta Legislature Building and grounds from Capital Plaza
Is this hydrant trying to blend into its surroundings
North end of the new 5th Street Bridge
View to the South
a very long bench
view of Edmonton skyline from South side of river
heading back North across the High Level Bridge

Views of the city from our last stop of the day.

4 thoughts on “Scene Around Edmonton – August

      1. A bit sad really (pilots never want see an airport die 🙂 ) and I know it was a controversial closure. I know for sure that flying out of City Centre was much more cost effective (I flew from Edmonton International as well during the same period) but politicians don’t necessarily make good decisions. 🙂

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      2. There are good and bad results from this closure, but mostly good. If it had taken any longer, we would be simply a regional feeder and have no direct flights except to Calgary. Also, the closure allowed for taller buildings and a denser downtown corridor. I guess I like it most, because in Beaumont, I am only 15 minutes from the airport. Hopefully, the city does a good housing development on this land. Not all see it my way. Cheers. Allan

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