Happy Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks Happily

Giving Thanks Happily

No turkey for us, but that is OK,

We have a warm cabin in which to stay,

deep in the mountains, around Jasper way,

Thanks for the sun glow at the break of day

and some family time to walk and play.

All too often, we complain about all we do not have, instead of appreciating what we do have. I am thankful for:

  • Thanksgiving spent in the mountains at Jasper
  • good weather for hiking and boating
  • snow flurries for our walk to Moab Lake
  • a nice cabin to stay in
  • great Ethiopian food transported from Langano Skies, Edmonton
  • great papusas from Paraiso Tropical in Edmonton, paired with cassimiento made by me
  • sharing the mountains, cabin, games and time with my wife and family

Gratitude is the Attitude

What are you thankful for this Canadian Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Pyramid Bench Hike
Sunrise over Patricia Lake
Going for a paddle on Pyramid Lake
Snow flurries at Moab Lake

13 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks Happily

  1. Nicely written. Sounds like a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving: spending time with those you love and appreciating all that you have. It also doesn’t hurt to be in a warm cabin up in the mountains. For me, I’m thankful for my family and friends, love, laughter, this beautiful world, and my good health.

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  2. Really nice post! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Sounds like you have gratitude which is such a great thing to have! Thanks for sharing, your post put a smile on my face and made me think of what I am thankful for!!

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  3. That sounds most heavenly. Safe travels to you all as you head back home. I’m glad you got to enjoy the holiday is such splendor and style.
    I find myself thankful for two great meals in one day, each prepared by my kids. And a weekend full of funny kids 🙂

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