Vegging Out – September

As my earlier post may have mentioned, this was a challenging gardening year, with too much rain and too few sunny days. We are pushing the envelope if we leave the remaining produce in the garden too long.

So, yesterday, I pulled all the beets and was a bit sad to see how small the majority of them were. It seems I gave away too many of the big ones. Oh well. I was determined not to let all my work go for naught, so helped in the washing and peeling phases, so we could get a few jars of pickles out of them.

I only have tomatoes and carrots remaining in the garden. Hoping the sunshine for the next week will ripen a few more “tommys”, so we can freeze them for soups and sauces. The carrots can stay in the ground until snow falls, as they will only get sweeter.

Vegging Out

Autumn harvest days

allow us to enjoy the

fruits of our Labour.

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