September “City” Cycle

Happy Days! Our son, B is here from Vancouver. He has been staying with our other son, L for the past few days and now it is our turn to show him what is going on in our part of the world.

Today was to be a cycle day around our City. Yes, Beaumont is now a city, as of January 1, 2019. Those who read this blog know that my beloved and I do a circuit around the city perimeter every few days or so. This works out to about 16 k (10 miles). Lately, it has been a chore, with continuous wind and gusts up to 50 k/h. Hence the new name we coined for our City, Blowmont.

Today, September 3/19, summer finally arrived. Blue skies, sunshine, light winds and a predicted high of +24C (feels like +26C).

In an earlier post, I advised that only my beloved had an E-bike. Well, things have changed. After a trip to United Cycle to explore bicycle rentals for use in Edmonton, we tripped across an end of season sale we could not pass up. Now my beloved has a new E-bike she finds much more comfortable and I have her old one. All we needed was a decent ride for my son. We soon opted fro my wife’s 11 year old Trek which while smaller, was in the best shape and we were off to ride the city….

Through Dansereau Meadows
Poorly executed $1,100 3D crosswalk

Past the Dansereau stormwater pond

Along 60th Avenue West to Range Road 243, then South to the outer Ring Road and East into the green space.

In the South East, we paused to look at a barley field, ripening under this rare sunny sky.

As we pedaled onward, I was amazed that I was making most of this circuit under man power. Our city had decided it would not be Blowmont today. All was right with the world. A pause by another stormwater pond.

Takin’ a break
Canada Geese hanging out before their long flight
St Vital steeple poking up through the trees from the top of the Beau Mont
late season dragon fly, feling lazy
vista to the West
Canada Goose – line dancing

Relaxed and rested, we cycled on, heading East to Range Road 241, where we turned South. Again traffic and winds were light, so not unpleasant. B must have brought the good weather with him. Nearing home base, we opted to add some distance and rode on to Four Seasons Park. All told, 20 km (12.5 miles) and I barely used any battery power. This was the run-up to tomorrow, when we will rent bikes in Edmonton and likely cover much more ground.

How did you enjoy the last sunny days of your summer?

down by Don Sparrow Lake at Four Seasons Park

14 thoughts on “September “City” Cycle

  1. You two have got me thinking about a bike like that 🙂
    Beaumont looks like a really nice place to live.

    As soon as I saw Autumn in the sky, I lost interest in Summer but I did make sure to spend a lot of time in the sun so I guess, that’s how I spent my last days of Summer, soaking up the sun like a cat!

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    1. I would highly recommend a pedal-elec. The Trek version my wife has is solid and comfortable. My Benelli is a bit lighter, but more suitable for a tall person. Enjoying summer sun (this year, in particular) is a good pastime. Thanks for reading and commenting Lael. Allan

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      1. Thanks for the info. I’m tall (ish) but its in my torso not my legs. So when I buy a bike for my height its always way too big for me.

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  2. How nice that Beaumont is now a city. And also how nice that Brian was able to visit with you. You are all very energetic to do a 20 km trek around your city. I – myself – could not undertake such a journey. A broken tail bone a few years ago has made bike riding impossible for me. I can’t last more than a few minutes on one. I would have to rent a golf cart to keep up with you all – lol. Thanks for taking us on your tour Allan.

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  3. Ah, the last few sunny days of summer were spent in the yard, or at the park and a little bit of swimming down at the lake. It sure is sad to know the warmth of summer is gone again and old man Winter is about to be knocking on our doors 🙂

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    1. Yup, the approach of fall imparts a certain urgency to us all to get outside as much as we can. We are not long back from a month in Europe and then our Thanksgiving trip to the mountains. Weather has been cool and rainy since, but we have the promise of better weather for the next few days, so a bike ride, car washing and yard work are on the menu. Thanks for reading and commenting, Angie.

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    1. Yup, summer seems a fleeting memory right now. My son put his Christmas lights up on the last +16 day and already has the snow tires on his car. I prefer to think there will be more nice days (not many, but more) Today, tomorrow and Friday have promise to be in the +11 to +16 range. Fingers crossed. I am not yet prepared to huddle around the fire. Thanks for reading Bernie and I wish a few more days outdoors painting for you. Allan


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