Circling the City – Edmonton Bike Ride – September

When – September 4, 2019

Who – Mom, Dad and serious bicyclist son

What – riding the Edmonton bicycle paths

Where – Edmonton – 262 designated cycle routes (bike routes, shared pathways and street routes, 20,107 kilometers (12,566 miles) of mapped ways. Source:bikemap – we rode about 50 km(31 miles)

Why – It was a beautiful day, our son was curious about cycle route changes and we all like to cycle.

After our simple little 20 k ride around Beaumont, our son had bigger plans for the next day. We had already booked rental bikes from United Cycle. The parents on Electra Townie E-bikes and our son on a manual hybrid. On our E-bikes, we would at least have a chance of keeping up to him.

Despite living near Edmonton, we were oblivious to the extent of the Edmonton bike routes, but B had a plan to change that.

Rather than detailing the entire route, I will share the highlights.

The urban look routes

The rural look routes

The bridges

Sights around the city

City skyline shots

Speed shots. In places downhill, we were doing 40 k/h (25 m/h).

The rides and riders.

Lunch at Tres Carnales taqueria

Coffee at Transcend at the Ritchie Market

Dinner at Cafe Mosaic on Whyte Avenue

ongoing LRT construction

The message for our day.

9 thoughts on “Circling the City – Edmonton Bike Ride – September

    1. We do not get into that discussion. It is the law in Alberta for all cyclists up to the age of 18. After that, it is at your discretion. Thanks for reading and commenting Ann. Hope all is well with you and Terry. Allan


  1. Great photos. Looks like an awesome day. It’s lovely to explore one own’s city.
    I am quite surprised that a regular cyclist like your son does go helmet less. It seems the new trend here in Sask as well — less and less wearing them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Agreed, we all need to be tourists in our own back yard from time to time. As to the helmet, there are some studies that show that helmets would have made little difference in many bicycle fatalities. My wife had an incident, where her helmet saved her from a serious injury. I will wear one for sure, but others are not so convinced. Kind of like how seatbelts were perceived when they became mandatory. Thanks for reading. Allan


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