Take a Hike – Edmonton – September

Saddle sore, we opted for a walk with our son in Edmonton this day to explore all the ongoing construction work. We found a place to park our car on the South side of the river and walked across the Low Level bridge……

….to the base of the Edmonton funicular…

….past more Valley Line LRT construction….

…and Sir Winston Churchill Square….

….before walking down Capitol Boulevard and onto the High Level Bridge to the South side for lunch at Remedy Cafe.

Looking for a bit of nature after lunch, we opted for a shady walk in Whitemud Park. We have walked here many times when the kids were small and it was fitting to be back there at this point.

Fall colours were starting to show and the paths were full of people enjoying the day.

The squirrels were out gathering stores for the coming winter and scolding all who walked the paths.

9 thoughts on “Take a Hike – Edmonton – September

    1. It was. I think they are telling us that this is their place and their food and that if they catch us trying to steal their seeds, nuts or pine cones, there will be H— to pay. We have a squirrel in our neighbourhood. One day, I was sitting outside and hear rustle, rustle rustle, thump. This was repeated over and over and over. I went to check it out and saw that the squirrel was sitting up on my spruce tree, pulling off the pine cones and throwing thew down on the ground. I waited for the squirrel to come collect and remove these cones for his winter stash, but after a week, it still had not happened. So I mowed them up. A week later, he was back repeating his task, as if to tell me that an uncluttered lawn is the sign of a sick mind. He may be right. Thanks for reading Lael. Allan

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