Insanity or How My Garden Grows – September

There is a saying about Inanity that is attributed to many people, (Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, old Chinese proverb and Benjamin Franklin), but there is no certainty where it originated.

The quote is “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

That would describe my pattern on gardening for the past few years. Every spring, we plan a trip right around garden planting time and then I come home to rush to the greenhouses, buy available bedding plants and get them in the ground. The same can be said for our fall trips. We tend to take off around the date of our wedding anniversary (mid September), right around the time when we need to be here to harvest and process garden produce, particularly tomatoes.

This year was no different, except there was no threat of imminent freezing temperatures before we left. Still, we were going to be away for a month and the thought of coming back to slimy black tomato vines did not thrill me. Today, on the last possible day before departure, I picked the remaining tomatoes, gave the ripe ones to my beloved to freeze and gave the unripe ones to my son and neighbours to let them ripen slowly down a dark basement.

Insanity, yes! But, my son and neighbours are happy and we will be too when we pull the frozen tomatoes out in the coming winter for sauces, soups and stews.

What is your version of insanity?


Now you see them 1
Now you see them 2
Now you don’t 1
Now you don’t 2

6 thoughts on “Insanity or How My Garden Grows – September

  1. We have sort of the same dilemma here too Allan. Terry doesn’t plant a huge garden anymore – but rather just tomatoes and the strawberries and raspberries. But the in ground sprinklers take care of those. Our problem now is – someone to water all my flowers in my plant pots and to mow the grass when we go away. Used to be easy when Angeline was living next door – now it is harder to get a neighbor to do it. We do have to make sure we are home when the berries are ripening and the tomatoes are ready. Oh the joys of wanting to travel

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    1. I hear you. This year, I think it got left, so I had the mowing and leaves to do when I got home. Did not take long, and thank goodness, the grass grows slowly here in the fall. I am still going to keep travelling. Thanks for reading and commenting, Ann. Allan


  2. 🙂 I feel the same way every time I look at the garden in October and think “Its so much work!” but I know I’ll be back again the next year. Winter seems to erase my memory and good sense! Not unlike the amnesia people with uteruses have after giving birth!

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    1. Just got through putting my Christmas lights up. There’s another job I say I will never do again………………but I do. By the time spring arrives, I am sure I will be champing at the bit to get back into the garden. Thanks for reading Angie.

      PS: I have your Levain “Mother” and instructions all ready for you. Please let me know when and where I can get them to you. Cheers Allan

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    1. Tomatoes are my Kryptonite. I had a high year of 36 plants, then dropped down to 24. This year, it was back up to 30. They are just too yummy and they freeze very well. Cheers. Allan


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