Colourful to Sorrow-Fall – Early September

While I love Autumn with its warm sunny days, blue skies, crisp evenings and colourful foliage, there is a certain bit of sadness at the end of summer and the required yard and garden tidy-up that must be done. Number one, who needs the work? Number two, a lot of the effort you put in preparing beds, planting, weeding, pruning, etc. now goes into the compost. Oh well, I am already looking forward to next spring and summer.

I prefer my leaves on the tree, rather than the ground
No hands on deck
Carrots can stay until after the snow
Tomatoes get removed tomorrow
Fingers crossed that my transplanted Mountain Ash survives the winter


Seasons may come, seasons may go

each of them putting on a show.

Spring green turns to summer blossom,

Nature paints with colours, awesome.

As summer turns slowly to fall,

rainy, leaden skies cast their pall.

Sadly, I now head out of doors,

unable to delay my chores.

In one fell swoop, I grasp the stalks,

they pull right out, without a squawk.

Once I’m done, what once was pretty,

now looks sad, dull, brown and gritty.

Before and after planters and front border.

8 thoughts on “Colourful to Sorrow-Fall – Early September

  1. The best part of the pigs — everything I’ve pulled out had become pig food except for the potato plants. I at least feel like they got a second use!
    It’s always nice to plant. It’s always nice to harvest and clean up. It’s the weeds I dislike strongly.

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  2. Goodnight Garden, until next year. Your soil looks nice and rich!

    I hope your Mountain Ash survives too. They are one of my favourite trees. We’ve got one in an odd spot and I’m loathe to take it down because it puts on quite a show. I’m trying to figure out how to rework it into the landscape.

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