European Vacation – September 12/13/14/19 – Dublin (Part 6) – Luas Tram – It’ll Get you from Here to There

Tram Way

Rolling through Dublin,

bell clanging to clear the way.

Luas tram glides by.

In 2004, the Red (June) and Green (September) lines of the Luas (Irish for speed) tram/light rail started operating. Since then, the lines have been extended and connected. There are now 42.1 km of track, 67 stations and 73 trams. Daily ridership in 2018 was 114,800 (41.8 million/year). Single tickets range from 2.10 Euro for 1 zone to 3.20 Euros for 5-8 zones. A 1 day ride ticket is 7.30 Euro, so if you are going further than 1 zone and riding more than three times, the day pass makes sense. 7 day and 30 day passes are also available.

We got the day pass on the first day and made good use of it. On our second day, we did not ride and on the third day, we only bought a single ride. Dublin is a very walkable city and with nice weather, we were happy to be outside.

Side note: One of our first trips on day one was to Tesco Mobile for a European SIM card. I had heard that it was a good Pay as You Go SIM option for Europe. It was 15 Euro for 28 days and included calls and texts as well as 8 Gigs of Data. Turns out, the favourable reviews were wrong. It worked well in Ireland, but was useless in Italy and France. It would seem that Roaming charges ate up the entire Pay as you Go amount in just 1 day. Next time, Vodaphone.

2 thoughts on “European Vacation – September 12/13/14/19 – Dublin (Part 6) – Luas Tram – It’ll Get you from Here to There

  1. We operate solely on WiFi when we travel and have never bought a card – so far. It’s always a bit dicey meeting up with friends and relatives if we are late or their plans change but so far we’ve managed.

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    1. Offline maps and wifi helped us cope. It was a bit dicey with the apartment host meets, but it all worked out. We traveled with our Irish relatives who had a good Vodaphone plan, which helped. In the good old days, before the internet and Google, planning was done in advance or at the spur of the moment. We all survived. I just wanted a better SIM option than what Koodo offers at $12/day. $336 for 28 days is not much of a deal. The Tesco SIM covered us for the half of our vacation in Ireland at least. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan

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